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We are Gifts Of Direction founded by The Boedy Foundation. Gifts Of Direction is a collective group of Christian entertainers who use the Gifts God has blessed us with to spread his word. Our group consist of Singers, Dancers, Poets, Comedians, as well as Hairstylist. Gifts Of Direction events titled Blessed To Be A Blessing are held 3 times a year and 100% of all proceeds are given to a family in need!

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Come and experience some amazing poets give insight on Gods words in their own way. It's a night you don't want to miss!!

Organizer of Creative Saved Cool

The Boedy Foundation  is a non profit organization founded  in  2017 but has its roots in the gospel entertainment group Gifts Of Direction. Gifts of Direction was formed in 2013. With a goal of helping people  in need  our  latest  poetry event we raised enough donations to  give 4 displaced families $1000.00 each to help recover from hurricane Harvey. Even though our address has changed from Houston to Baton Rouge our  mission has not changed  but has expanded  from not  just giving  a man a fish to eat to showing him where he can go to get the best rod and reel. We will not be doing a way with our charitable donations for the 2nd show we will still be giving away an estimated $4000 but earlier that evening we will be hosting a career event The show is specifically tailored to the people in the inner city community. We want to inform them on career opportunities that they have no means of accessing and could potentially change their lives such as entrepreneurship  So our goal at the Boedy Foundation is to bring business, self improvement and positive change such as score to our career day event.  

If you would like to join our team or worship in the Blessed To Be A Blessing upcoming events  please upload a video telling us a little about yourself and how you have allowed God to use your gift for his purpose.

 LET HIM USE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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