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Shade Tree Soul presents  to you Good Money Chips™,  and your very own custom Domino, Spades, and Poker Table's! The very FIRST scoring chips used exclusively for the game of Dominoes are here! That's right NO MORE PEN AND PAPER! We are bringing those old school good time memories of back home to a new generation of slick talking 
bone slamming, board counting, ten to get in but five can win, pull or no pull to domino players!

Good Money Chips Tutorial
Why Choose Good Money ?Chips

Preview Good Money Chips™

"We do this for the culture because we are the culture"

Each bag of good money chips  will contain 55 chips per set

Ten - 5's 

Ten- 10's

Four - 15's 

Three - 20's 

Three - 25's 

Four - 30's 

Four - 50's / First house 

Four - 100's / Second house 

Nine - 150's / Game time 

Four - sunk / Peter roll 

Totaling 55 scoring chips 


For custom orders or questions call 1-855-393-3828 

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Phone: 855-393-3828